“When I think of Berman Events, I think of “Customer Service.” Hillary not only provides excellent professional event management services to me, but she also provides exceptional customer service to the folks participating in the events — at every level! I have trusted Hillary to be the face of my events for years because she makes it look like I really know what I’m doing!”
–Corina DuBois, Creator, Celebrate Mama, LLC

“I can’t say enough good things about Berman Events. Hillary and her team have been great partners of mine for the past 10 years and have created countless successful events. The team at Berman Events takes the stress out of event planning and are reliable, knowledgeable, creative,  hardworking, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”                      —Theresa Scolaro, Assistant Vice President, Patient Experience and Associate Communication, MedStar Health

“I have worked with Hillary Berman on several different events for properties in the Federal Realty portfolio for the past eleven years. She is professional, reliable and always delivers a Class-A event. Our program would not be the same without her.”
–Jill Fredrick, former Senior Marketing Manager, Federal Realty Investment Trust

“It has been a delight to work with Hillary Berman. In an age where competence and dependability are in too short supply, Hillary has brought both of those qualities to her work for us, along with initiative, creativity and intelligence. She is always one step ahead in anticipating our needs.”
–Sam Gilston, President, Gilston-Kalin Communications, LLC

“In the year and a half I worked with Hillary on Children’s Congress, I came to see her as my go-to person for everything from the tiniest detail to the biggest project. Hillary organizes and choreographs every tiny note of the biggest project with the precision and grace of a maestro. When I didn’t know what end was up, Hillary showed me. When I needed to reflect on a big issue, Hillary was there to give perspective, history and advice. Now that Children’s Congress is a successful mark in history, I have one huge regret: Hillary’s not there to help me run my life anymore!”
–Moira McCarthy Stanford, ChairMom, 2005 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Children’s Congress

“Hillary’s involvement in the JDRF Children’s Congress has ensured that all logistics are anticipated, planned, and go off without a hitch. We always know we can count on her for everything from keeping us organized to using great people skills and instincts to deal with difficult situations. Most importantly, though – we don’t have to think twice about the things she’s responsible for – we talk about some details initially and then we don’t have to worry about them ever again. And perhaps the best part of it all is that we love having her around – she adds fun and spice even to the nitty-gritty details!
–Catherine Schelin, Former Manager of Grassroots Advocacy, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

“With Hillary Berman at the helm, our synagogue concert fundraiser couldn’t have been better. Hillary took charge by addressing what needed to be done, eliciting involvement from our members, and organizing follow-through. As a result, we brought in more money than we ever had for a concert event, everyone had an uplifting evening and there was a feeling of pride in the community’s efforts. Hillary was the inspiration and the drive behind our success. She was a pleasure to work with.”
–Cantor Rochelle Helzner, Tikvat Israel Congregation